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The following is a pre-application confirmation.
Please read the following and send your application upon approval.

[ Pre-reservation confirmation ]

The tours sponsored by Japan Cool Adventure include outdoor activities.

Based on his physical condition (including intoxication), the customer may be denied participation on the day of the tour.

I wish to participate in activities operated by Japan Cool Adventures, understanding that since these include outdoor activities that may entail a certain degree of risk.

Please be aware that after filling the form on the day of the tour, customers who cannot sign the disclaimer consent will not be able to take part in the tour.

Customers can also get a protector or guardian to sign the disclaimer consent.

Before booking, please read the following content:

When you reach the booking form, you will need to accept the following conditions.

If the following condition 1 or 2 applies, please fill in the "Other" booking form.

If the "Other" booking form is not filled, we will not be able to provide the adequate support.

1. If for personal reasons or due to special circumstances, you cannot participate --> Place and Person's name

2. If for personal reasons or due to special circumstances, you cannot eat certain type of food --> Food and Person's name

Please also check the following:

3. We cannot change the Meeting or Breakup location.

4. For reasons pertaining to the weather or traffic, the ending time of the tour may be delayed.

5. For any reasons during the process, the route or location might be modified hurriedly.

6. During the tour, please take care of your individual luggage personnally. We will not take responsibility in the case of loss or theft.

7. If for any reasons you leave the tour in progress, all the expenses, services and planned content will also be abandoned. In such case, we cannot refund the participant. Please inform the tour guide of your withdrawal as early as possible.

8. On the day of the tour, being more than 15 minutes late , the Tour will depart and the customer's participation will be considered cancelled.

9. The tour is operated with a restricted number of people. Also, because participants will go through the tour mainly by bicycle, they will not be able to bring large luggages.

10. Depending on the tour contents, belongings, meeting and break up time differ. Please refer to the webpage of each tour for further information.

Once you have agreed to the conditions mentioned above, please proceed to the booking form below.

We only accept by cash as a payment method. (Japanese Yen)

The number of participants can be modified until 1 week before the tour. After less than 1 week before the tour, cancellation fees apply.

If the number of participants increases, please make sure to notify this to us by e-mail. Depending on the status of the tour, there are cases where the number of participants cannot be increased.

Regarding cancellation requests, please contact us by email during office hours (9 am to 6:30 pm Tokyo Standard Time)

Please feel free to contact us after checking the time lag between Japan and your own country. Please also note that emails received outside office hours will be processed on the following working day.

When you book our tour, It is nessesary to input your accommodation name. we will let you know all the access details from your accommodation. if you have not decided to the accommodation yet, please input this contents to "other".

More than 8 days before the tour date 7-3 dates before 2 days before 1 day before On the tour day
No cancel fee 30% 50% 70% 100%

We only accept by cash (Japanese Yen) on your tour date.

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