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Located just next to Kyoto, Shiga pref is famous for offering many experiences and a beautiful nature.

Price: Adult 11800yen Youth10800yen
Age: Over 10 to 58years old
Duration: 10 Hours(8:00am6:00pm)
Distance: About 15km-20km
Payment: We accept by cash(Yen)
Departures: 8:00am
Meeting place: JR Yamashina station.
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No credit card or pre-payment
required to book!

Omi hachiman

Taga area

Ninja experience

Farming + Ninjya Experience

Tour Overview

In this tour, we will ride bicycles South East of Shiga to Koka city, a place famous for its beautiful nature and Ninja village. in addition to the Ninja village, you will also stop by a country-side traditional japanese house and its rice field, where you will try to plant some rice seeds by hand, just like japanese people used to in the past.Let's learn about the technique of farming and try it by ourselves! You can farming, Rice planting, reaping and harvest of vegetables! and make our lunch all together at a traditional Japanese house with the local farmers. for example, in summer season build a bamboo slide to eat the fun Nagashi Somen (Japanese sliding noodles).!
After that, we will head to the Ninja village for your Ninja time!

Distance covered: 〜15-20km
*The Farming experience will be change by the season.

* Farming experience and Japanese lunch will change depending on the season.Enjoy the Experience of the four seasons,the cuisine and Harvest of seasonal vegetables! >> Details <<
May: Rice planting Available only May.!

Sep.: Rice reaping Available only Sep.!

[ Farming Experience ]

May: Rice planting

Harvest of Vegetables

Sep.: Rice reaping

Tour Highlights

We are traveling by mountain bike to the "Koka" area.
1, Try the japanese farming >> Details <<
2, Lunch with the local farmers
3, Ninja place and change your costume to Ninja!
4, Beginning of the Ninja training to become a Ninja !
We move around riding bicycles.
Koka area is famous for the Japanese Ninja

Tour Photos
Access from Osaka or Kyoto is very convenient, and it's great for anyone thinking about going on a daytrip!*Your tour guide take pictures during the tour and upload them to our facebook page. Get all your nice pictures on Facebook!.

Booking details
Season All Seasons

Adult 11,800yen (over 16 years-old)
Youth 10,800yen (from 12 to 15 years-old)
Obon holidays +1500yen supplement (mid of Aug.)

Included Services The following is included in the Tour Fee:
Guiding, Bicycle rental, Shoes for farming, Lunch, Ninja Village entrance fee, Insurance and Tax.
Meeting time and place

Meeting time: 8:00am
Meeting place: In front of JR Otsu
Break up time: 17:00 to 17:30pm at JR Otsu station. 
*The tour schedule might change due to the weather or traffic reason
*Yamashina station immediately follows Kyoto station on the JR Line.


Please notify us the name of the hotel you will be staying in the day before the tour.
We will email you indications on how to go from your accomodation to the meeting place.
e.g: If your tour date is June 15th,
we need to know your accommodation as of June 14th.

Conditions 1, Being able to ride a bicycle safely.
2, Being between 10 and 58 years old, physically and mentally healthy. *Hight must be over 140cm.
3, Understanding Japanese or English.
(Those under 18 years old must have the consent of a guardian)
Please understand that there are some limitations on participant eligibility. Those whose height is under 170cm and weight is over 95kg may not participate in the tours due to problems related to rescue procedures. Also, pregnant women as well as people suffering from health issues or heart problems should refrain from participating in the tours.


Minimum number of participants: 3
(If there are not enough participants registered 2days before the event, unfortunately the the event will be postponed. In such case, participants will be contacted by phone or email and the tour fee will be fully refunded).

What to bring
- Rain coat
*Especially from end of June to end of July because of the rainy season
- Towel

Rent - Rain coat 300 yens
- Glass holder 100 yens
Please check this Vacancy information before book.

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